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03-05-2013, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post

When you do the math its....

$12M for 12 years or was

$15.4M for 20 years

Does saving on average that $3.4M per year make all that much difference to the CoG? Every dollar counts I guess, but its not like they are saving 50% or along those lines.

And why 12 years? Someone is still going to have to manage the arena after 12 years, or is that when it will be paid off and can be shuttered up, or is Jamison going to buy / own it in 12 years?

Questions... questions...
The main question I would have is why the COG is still talking to folks like Leblanc and Jamison. They should be talking to folks who might actually be able to afford to buy the Coyotes.

Remember, Leblanc was part of a group that cajoled the COG into a signing an "exclusivity" agreement for negotiating a lease on the false claim that they had the financial wherewithal to purchase the Coyotes. Jamison has had two lease agreements passed by the COG, and failed to deliver investors for either one, while refusing to disclose the identity of his investors or provide any explanation for the failure of his bid. Why would the COG believe anything that these guys claimed in terms of the sort of lease that would be acceptable to a prospective owner. The COG should shove these guys aside and find out who has the money to invest, and negotiate directly with them.

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