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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
Maybe you and I just disagree on Tindall's effectiveness. In my opinion, it's never too early to dismiss individuals who create a wake of wreckage comparable to what has occurred in Glendale. Also, Jan 31 through end of season is only critical if you think persisting the Coyotes in Glendale is imperative. But since there is no economic justification for that position, it's hard to view it is critical.
While I agree "its never to early to dismiss individuals who create a wake wreckage", Im not so sure he wasnt acting on the instruction of the former Mayor & majority of Council in simply performing his duties as lead City Attorney. While I found many of his tactics reprehensible, not so quick to condemn. He was engaging in sharp practice, crafting & trying to facilitate the sale on orders, dont believe he was "out there" freelancing, self interested & bent, looking to somehow feather his own nest. His "clients", the city itself demanding he build the rocket for their various Moonshots, who then failed to hit the red button when it came to launch. The Bonding issue a classic example, whereby their window of opportunity for lift-off, late December 2010 through the first week of January 2011 closed, the Hulsizer dealeo completely unravelling thereafter. I thought the agreement utterly absurd, sure enough, but so too perhaps did Craig Tindall. Simply facilitated the build of the launch pad as ordered, instructed, quite possibly more than conscious of the fact that Mission Control didnt have the guts to pull the switch.

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