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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
The monarchy has no real authority in Canada, the governor general is a ceremonial figure that also has no real authority in Canada, and the prime minister is the one that calls all the shots. It's an institution that serves no purpose other than to be a unifying figurehead, and judging by how there's always debate about how it should or shouldn't be removed I'm not so sure it even does that anymore. The blurring between the state, government, and political parties already exists, there's just the image of having a clean hierarchy that doesn't actually mean anything. Whoever's prime minister at a given time will nominate the person they want to fill the spot, and then the PM goes on about doing their daily business of governance while the new GG just smiles and tries not to do anything controversial. The only difference between the GG and the monarchy is that the monarchy is hereditary, but they still have no real formal power compared to the prime minister, even if things are supposedly done in their name and at their will.

And I don't get your last point. The Westminster system is built around strict party discipline, influence, and power in the lower house and that running through to determine everything.
Don't confuse the absence of the exercise of power with the absence of power. I am no fan of the way in which the GG has moved towards being a simple roaming goodwill ambassador. But where some see the solution in electing a president, I see the solution as being in correcting the system.

And sorry, but the Westminster system was not built around strict party discipline. What we see in Canada now is not some inherent/necessary aspect of the Westminster system at all.

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