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12-21-2003, 05:32 AM
Mats NAslund
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Originally Posted by Portishead
Can anybody tells my why Markov is our 5th d'men now ?
I know he's not up to last years expections yet. But, playing him less than Bouillon & Quintal is a blind move.

Last year, Markov & Rivet proved to be a good combination.
Why would the coachs want two so-so pairing (Markov-Komisarek & Rivet-Bouillon) than putting Markov back with Rivet ?
This would gives us, Souray-Quintal, Markov-Rivet, Bouillon-Komisarek for now.
I'd rather have two good pairings (well.. better) than two & sometimes three so-so.
Once Brisebois comeback, you have Souray-Brisebois, Markov-Rivet, Bouillon-Quintal/Komisarek.
At least, the 1st & 2nd pairing could get the job done better.

Is Rick Green afraid of skilled offensive d'men that takes chances sometime like Markov ? To me, it seems like they prefer, supposedly safer d's that throws the puck deep.

I think Markov needs to be challenged with more icetimes & responsabilities so he can burst out again like last year. Wouldn't it be better to have Markov to his full capacities like last year, plus the amazing play of Souray ?

I don't care about playing Quintal & Bouillon, since I know they won't sit them, but I do care when they receives more ice than Markov, who's not playing bad at all by the way...

Of course, in a better world, we'd be more thrilled to see Hainsey & Komisarek makes some mistake, but actually learning and getting better, than seeing Quintal & Bouillon making mistakes, not really learning or getting better.

I also think that Komisarek, while not being elite right now, is learning well & smoothly, shows is physical side more & more. Sadly, we all know he'll be benched a lot when Brisebois's back.

Play Markov more, that's only what I wanted to say. Go get Vitaly Vishnevski to play with him too. Wouldn't it be awesome...

It's because he's not french... We need an anglophone coach who can speak french and not the other way around. Markov should be the second most played D-man night in night out after Sourray. Don't you see Ribiero can never do wrong even if he can't play in his own end, Bouillion can make mistakes like he did on the first goal and get rewarded for it like he did lat night (more ice time). It's pure ********..I hate it so much, every time a French players does something wrong the media tries to cover it up but if and non-french player makes amistake thet go out of their way to point it out! What a load ****. I love the habs but the media is ****ing rediculous!

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