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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
Even then... I mean, if we're to move one of the guys on the 4th line, it has to be for someone who actually adds some physicality. I just don't see Kostopoulos doing it for us.
We took the Bruins out in2008 with TKO in playoffs.what do you mean TKO isn't physical,did you evenwatch him here

his value to this team goes beyond mere statistics.

Kostopoulos has proved to be the ultimate team player, someone who will cover a teammate's back on and off the ice. And he still has a black left eye, sustained during a fight last week against Boston's Jeremy Reich, to prove it.

"I play physically," said Kostopoulos, with a team-leading 109 penalty minutes. "I use my body to bang and create things. I just want my teammates to know I come to every game prepared and work my hardest. Maybe I don't have the most skillful moves, but I give it my all every game and shift."

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