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03-05-2013, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by thome_26 View Post
Don't confuse the absence of the exercise of power with the absence of power. I am no fan of the way in which the GG has moved towards being a simple roaming goodwill ambassador. But where some see the solution in electing a president, I see the solution as being in correcting the system.

And sorry, but the Westminster system was not built around strict party discipline. What we see in Canada now is not some inherent/necessary aspect of the Westminster system at all.
For the first part, that power has long since passed. If a GG did try to exercise power over the PM in this day and age, there'd be a crackdown against the GG faster than you can say, "King–Byng Affair."

As for the second.... uh, yeah it is? A Prime Minister losing a single vote has been enough to topple the entire premiership before and as such you can reliably expect essentially every single thing they want passed should it make it to the floor.

The Westminster system is absolutely built around an exceedingly powerful central authority rested around the party in power. It's not like in the U.S., where checks and balances (and gridlock and gridlock and gridlock) exist that put the breaks up every which way forcing sides to compromise (or, as recently, just screw around). Or like other European systems built around coalition-building.

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