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Originally Posted by Bmessy View Post
What order do you guys value your defensemen? There are so many I really don't have a clue.
Wouldn't mind sending Rich Peverley from BOS your way for some defensive depth.
????+Bernier(or some other 3rd line grinder)
Way far off or whats up?
Not sure about other Devils fans but the way I see it:


That's as far as our "roster/depth roster" d-men are concerned. Personally I like Volchenkov's play to Salvador's (unlike Salvador Volchenkov doesn't fling the puck over the glass constantly resulting in delay of game penalties.) but Volch would be the most tradable...along with Tally. (Unless you want to overpay for Greene or Fayne)

Bernier would be tradable but given the chemistry of the CBGB line (Carter-Bernier-Gionta's Brother) I doubt he would realistically be in play believe it or not. That said Ference is a great player but the Devils aren't in need of a 33 year old defenseman. Peverley would be nice but the most amount of goals he's scored has been what? 10-11? If he can have more 20 something goal seasons like the one he had a few years back on the Thrashers then sure I'd chance it. But he doesn't strike me as a top six player.

What other players are considered tradable on the Bruins? That team is so deep and young I wouldn't be shocked if no one would be considered tradable.

What would it take to get someone like Horton or Kelly? Marchand would be my dream player to snatch but that would be a total pipe dream.

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