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03-05-2013, 01:49 PM
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Over the weekend, some idiot defenceman got me with a nasty crosscheck to my back that sent me down while I was around of the crease, but not interfering with the goalie or D. Got back up to stay in the play, saw one ref had his arm up. Next thing I know he's trying to knock my stick out of my hands, but I keep moving to free up to stay in the play.

Next thing I know another nasty crosscheck right in the back and I'm down again. Getting up again I see the other ref also has his arm up now. And I'm pissed.

Eventually the play is whistled and the guys gets a double 4 min crosscheck penalties for 8 minutes of PP time (which we used to pot a few and put the game away) and the idiot got ejected.

I can still feel it in my back 3 days later, but luckily wasn't hurt/injured so I could still play my next two games I had this weekend.

I'm still slightly amazed that people can act that stupid in lower level (E div) recreational men's league where people gotta work the next morning.

Times like that I think game ejections should carry automatic, escalating suspensions starting at 1 game. Weed out the weekend warriors who are out there trying to be the next Matt Cooke (even he's reformed!).

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