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03-05-2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Rielly4 View Post
As a leaf fan i think Colin Wilson would be the perfect fit to be our # 1 center, he may not have the points to awe you into thinking hes a # 1 center but he fits our age group well and he has chemistry with JVR from the world juniors... He is a power forward who has tremendous hands and skill and also has good vision. Im comfortable with Kadri and Wilson being our 1 and 2 centers moving forward as a young team.

Now for Nashville fans what would it take to get him. Lets be realisitc, i know you want Gardiner and Rielly, but your not getting them as we wouldnt even trade them for Nash. For Wilson your looking at Grabo who would fit wonderfully there and fill in for Wilson and Kulemin and maybe Gunnarsson... But discuss what you think you should get and what not. How do you value him without being bias because the thought of Gardiner intrigues you.
Ah, I see. You want a guy, who you admit could be your #1 center, and is a power forward who has tremendous hands and skill? On top of that, he is Nashville's leading scorer, is only 23, and the type of player they should be looking to add, not to trade? Oh, and Nashville is struggling so they shouldn't be trading young talent for older players. Hmm, looks like it would take a lot to pry this guy away from Nashville.

I read the first part of your post and was expecting the usual canidates to be offered. I was not dissapointed. The best part is the way you act that Gardiner is untouchable and Nashville fans would be all over him for Wilson, even though they would certainly not trade Wilson for Gardiner(teams who are struggling to score typically don't trade a top young forward for defense!) So you offer guys like Grabovski, Kulemin, and Gunnerson? Hey, what if the Preds want Kadri? They offer you Legwand, Hornqvist, or Hannan. You would be jumping all over that, right?

Note: I am not saying the Nashville players I mentioned are equal to Grabovski, Gunnerson, and Kulemin. Just an example.

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