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Originally Posted by Wings View Post
I like watching high-level MMA. It's much more of a technical sport now than when it was first marketed. It's no longer a 'toughman' competition as it is matchups of styles and tests of fitness and athleticism. I have a black sash in kung-fu, and dabbled in some boxing. The grappling I find interesting, I only learned some very basic grappling/locks in my style. But after watching a lot of MMA I appreciate when someone puts a darce choke on, or escapes from one for that matter. Very technical.

I'd also rank MMA fighters as some of the fittest in the world. Along with boxers and tri/hept/decathletes.

If you have no interest in the sport, no need to come in here and belittle it, and by association, it's fans. Should probably just stay quiet.

I would like to go to this, but I hear tickets are incredibly expensive. $200? $500? Way too much for me. If it was $100 I'd consider it...
Apparently the Calgary show had prices of:

$650, $400, $275, $200, $125 and $85 per.

My guess is an average price of somewhere close to $200 a $3,000,000 gate seems to be something they target.

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