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12-21-2003, 05:42 AM
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You've taken BigDaddy's quote out of context, but at the same time kind of proven his arguement at the same time.

In the majority of sens fans eyes Havlat is a *big* game player. The arguement has turned into Jokinen is exactly what Ottawa needs because Ottawa don't have much time to win the cup (which I think most sens fans disagree with).

Jokinen hasn't ever been a *big* game player in the playoffs. Your asking sens fans to trade a guy who *is* for a guy who *might be* based on what? 3/4 of a good season last year? a 0.56 PPG clip rate this year?

Originally Posted by ClashCitiRockr
Here's a thought for all the Havlat lovers and Jokinen bashers. Ottawa has three scoring lines, of which Havlat plays on the third line mostly, usually against second or third defensive pairings. Jokinen plays on a team that has had essentially one scoring line and has still put up the points, facing the opposition's top defensive pairing consistently.
Ok... so lets for a moment assume your correct. Jokinen rules over Havlat in Hockey. Why the hell does Ottawa want to change a succesful formula? If all there success is down to Havlat beating up on third pairing guys why do Ottawa want to change it? Just for fun?

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