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Originally Posted by Stewie G View Post
Weren't there injury concerns with Mitchell at the time? I thought I remembered him being looked at by a couple clubs and the only team willing to give him 2 years was the Kings. It's no sure bet that Mitchell would have stayed healthy here for 2 seasons and the move would have been pooped on relentlessly while people wondered why the Caps didn't sign someone without any injury concerns like Roman Hamrlik.
As Ref9 pointed out, he was coming off of a serious concussion. There were definitely concerns. Los Angeles, Washington, and Vancouver were the three serious contenders, with LA being the only team to pony up a second year on the offer. He worked out with both the Kings and the Caps to show he was healthy.

Hamrlik, on the other hand, was viewed as kind of an iron man. He had played 75+ games in all but one season since the lock-out. While injury wasn't a huge concern, that many games played for a 37 year old certainly brought a mileage concern with it. A concern that has apparently manifested as legitimate.

Not to mention McPhee immediately ponied up a 2-year extension with Poti (a year before his contract even expired) only a couple months after passing on Mitchell. Poti then promptly played 21 games that season and missed the entire next season.

It's puzzling to see when McPhee is concerned about the extra term and when he isn't. Guess the pendulum swung the other way after he missed out on Mitchell.

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