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Originally Posted by Gillam_09 View Post
i really dont agree. Kulie is playin more then he ever has for the leafs esp on the pk. his offensive numbers arnt there but hes still solid d and carlyle is holding players accountable for that. playin in a shutdown role like him and grabo have will drop numbers. imo he stays, why not he has a decent contract and hes doing everything carylyle expects him to
Wow!!!!!!!! Someone who actually gets it! Congratulations on being more observant and intelligent than 90% of the leafs fan base!

Kulemin leads forwards (entire league) in Offensive Quality of Competition (Corsi), yet still manages to play at a 42 point pace (over 82 games). He affects games much more than most of you seem to percieve and because of his offensive numbers, he seems to be called 'useless'.

You need to understand how Carlyle's system works. His second line (in terms of minutes) is usually his shut-down line. These players are tasked with playing against the oppositions top forwards all night long, shadowing these players and cutting down their scoring chances. Of course alot of the time, this means being hemmed in your own zone (due to the high skill level of the opposition). You're doing your job very well if you limit their scoring chances and keep their shots to the outside. You are doing your job very exceptionally if you can keep that opposition hemmed in their own zone and are creating scoring chances of your own.

Either way, many people are simply misjudging Kulemin and the value he provides to the Leafs. There is a reason teams like the Blues and Pens have an interest in him. It's not a situation where he's truly a crappy player and many of you hope to get a decent return hoping the other team doesn't realize he's a crappy player. Teams employ scouts, these scouts have numerous jobs, one of which is to look around the league for players that could be involved in trades to better improve their team. Kulemin is sought after by these teams considered to be cup contenders because these are the type of players that help you win. Especially in the playoffs. Just like McClement.

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