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03-05-2013, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by The Doors View Post
Don't get me wrong. I think Lucic is an idiot. He's a clown, he's proven it time and time again with the things you mention. But he's a top six forward on nearly every team. Slightly overhyped by media clowns and his idiotic antics which get applauded by people who don't understand or appreciate good hockey. But he has abilities as a hockey player.

He's the closest comparable I can find when trying to understand when Bruins fans rip Subban. He's annoying, you'd rather play with him than against him (though I'd puke for days if Lucic was a Hab). Thornton and Campbell are embarassing. They are Julien stooges and both would have trouble cracking any other good team's lineup, especially Thornton. That guy is a ****ing moron, he's a waste of time to even think about.
I think skill is unrelated to why people hate Lucic, that was my point with Thornton.
Lucic could be a 4th liner people would still hate him as much. The guy is a dirty player. I mean, you saw what he did to Miller right, who does that seriously..??..
That's why people hate Lucic, he's dirty, big, strong and tough to beat. Him being a top 6 changes nothing, at least not to me.

The hate towards Bruins have towards Subban is because he was a pest. He was in your face, and talked a lot of crap. At the same time, he dishes out some solid body checks. So, because of that, he's a target. But the problem with PK being a target is that he's extremely tough to hit.
Apparently he embellishes too...

Anyways, all this to say, I don't think skill has anything to do with why Lucic is hated.

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