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Originally Posted by GwtGlads2013 View Post
At what point though does just making the playoffs or getting past the first round become a disappointment. I mean look at the Braves from 1991-2005, 14 division titles, 5 National League titles, 1 World Series title. Sure some people will say well they were consistant in making the playoffs and yeah they were but that shouldn't be the standard.
Well, I am also a Braves fan and I know too well about their playoff disappointment- but itís comparing apples and oranges.

The Braves were a huge post season failure, the main reason being in almost every one of their playoff years, they were the prohibitive favorite to win the World Series, and still failed almost every year. That was painful.

How many of the past 7 years have the Predators really been expected to win the Cup? If the Preds were a #1 seed 7 straight years and never made the Finals, I would be screaming about it, too.

For a franchise that isnít even 20 years old, their level of success is pretty darn good, but many on here act like they are pulling for the Atlanta Thrashers.

The Predators have been a playoff team almost every year, and were a true contender for a couple of them. There are a bunch of NHL franchises that would trade the last 7 years with us.

All I want is a competitive team that makes the playoffs most years and one that can occasionally be a true Cup contender. There are no guarantees in the playoffs- Pittsburgh was the #1 seed and the odds on favorite to win the Cup last year and got bounced in the first round. Same for Vancouver- bounced in first round.

I just think there are many on here who have unrealistic expectations- win the Cup or the season is a failure.

Iíve said this before, if I just woke up from a coma and had no knowledge of how the franchise had been doing and read these boards, I would swear the Predators were on a long playoff droughtÖ..

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