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03-05-2013, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by bleedblue1223 View Post
My first line was using the logic of some of the Rangers fans, and the second line was showing how bad that logic was.

The Blues have scored more goals than the Rangers. The Rangers might have more top end talent, but the Blues have way more scoring depth and it's not close. The Rangers need Gaborik more than the Blues.

Regardless Gaborik sucks this season and would not help us all that much. If a team that needs goals keeps offering up a goal scorer, that says a lot about that player.

We don't want Gaborik because we literally can't afford him and he sucks this season.
I'm not really worried about goals, the Rangers are currently shooting at an unsustainably low rate that will start regressing upwards. The goals will come.

What this trade did from my perspective was adding proven NHL talent that we can afford to keep, while giving up an elite talent that will be too expensive and a very promising young player that is not fully utilized on his current team.

But since the Blues cannot afford Gaborik and Steen is vital to their center depth, I 100% get why the Blues don't do the proposed trade.

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