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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post

Love posting about all things Canuck, eh?
I don't love posting about the Canucks, but if you're suggesting I'm in anyway trolling, or trying to derail this "prospect" thread... (not nucks) You're completely wrong, and foolish. I have posted a bunch of my comments below:

*Note how complementary I am towards Jensen.... Do a little research before posting blind hate. I'm not Steve Bennette.

*Also note, I am not a nucks fan, but I do like Jensen as a prospect.

Originally Posted by wally31 View Post

I see him as a 25g 25a NHLer. He's a solid pick at 29.
Originally Posted by wally31 View Post
Don't see much of Eriksson at all? I see more of a Jussi Jokinen type player...

20g 20a 2nd line winger. Solid pick at 29.
Originally Posted by wally31 View Post
Above (scroll up) I said 25 - 25... I don't think you have a 30 goal scorer, but definitely a good forward prospect... 20g in the NHL is nothing to laugh at... Solid pick.

Obviously, I could be wrong. Just doubt his production elevates more in the NHL than the OHL.
Originally Posted by wally31 View Post
I've head this too. I think good players should be able to adapt to their league though. He wasn't bad in Oshawa, but he didn't dominate... (Didn't need too, but little/no improvement from his draft year.)

I get the argument to an extent, but I still think his offensive numbers should have climbed after his draft year. Regardless, I see the potential. Predicting he will be a 20g - 20a (or 25-25) player is nothing to frown on... Everyone in Calgary (other teams too) loves Glencross. He puts up those numbers, and does many good things on the ice. Putting up 20goals in the NHL is quite the feat. Not everyone can put up 30g.

Either way, great pick at 29. Hopefully he develops properly.
Originally Posted by wally31 View Post
Absolutely. Great post.

Jr. Points aren't always the determining factor for progress/development, but it's usually a good sign. Either way, he seems to be adapting well in the Mens league, and had a nice (short) stint in the AHL last year.

Like i've said a few times, solid pick. Best of luck to him.

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