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Originally Posted by NoNecksCurse View Post
drwpreds - do not lie about the braves. they were not favorites to win it all every year. certainly not after the turn of the century.. they were good teams that couldn't break into greatness every season. i see a lot of similarities between the two. definitely the 06-07 team and last 2 seasons... braves had a lot of seasons where they weren't the favorite to even win the division series like us in our first round..
Nonecks- not to turn this into baseball talk- but I am a die hard Braves fan- I may have overstated it by saying "almost every year" but they were the favorite or one of 2 or 3 favorites more years than not- only in the latter stages of their playoff run were they really just an average team. I just don't see the similarities at all- the Predators have never had a team as good as the Braves 90's teams were.

But as I keep saying, there are no gaurantees in the playoffs, no matter how good you are- and the Braves are exhibit A of that theory.

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