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03-05-2013, 03:28 PM
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The MTL series was as far as the rebuild talent would go when turned loose. BB failed to adapt in that series, and when the league adjusted early in the next season, he failed to adapt again. The PP dried up and so did all the scoring during the 8 game losing streak. His band-aid was to play a more defensive system instead of fixing the PP and coaching his team to be less predictable, which was what really sunk them vs MTL (other than arrogance).

That was the beginning of the end. Failure to adapt in the playoffs again against the TB trap (which Boston dismantled) was probably what really put him on ice. The struggles the next season were just about the timing.

Bringing in Hunter to continue more of the same was just an attempt to get stubborn players to do what BB couldn't get them to do.

Oates has fixed the PP by doing what was obvious in the early part of the season before the 8 game losing streak, which was to get 2 men either in the slot or near it. You can review video from that time when the PP was hot and see nearly every goal comes with 2 men low or in the slot. It's no coincidence that the new 1-3-1 system does exactly that.

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