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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Yeah, but he was just drafted at the time. Look at Thomas, he failed to impress in the same camp also, and CT is a year older. CT continued to struggle through his first half a season in the AHL. Yet, he's now doing well and has already been called up.

Saying that St. Croix didn't impress in September 2011 means very little in March 2013. It's been a full year and a half, with many reports coming in that he's shown decent improvement since then.

I'm not saying he is a blue chip prospect, but let's not discount him completely until we have the chance to see him. He's one of the few offensively skilled prospects we have.

People are taking about Mash, Haley, even Palm, and yet, MSC has more value than all of them combined. The kid is still very much a top-10 prospect for us.

He's one of only 4 kids in our farm system who has the potential to develop into a player who scores 60+ points. (Kreider, Fasth and Thomas are the other three.)
You're talking to a guy who called MSC the most talented offensive player we have in the system. All I was saying is that the things I mentioned might be the reason some aren't as high on him as other prospects. 95% of the people on this board have never watched the kid play. The moment they hear "hasn't looked great" from someone watching Traverse City live, they abandon ship.

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