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03-05-2013, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
That's not fair. You can't expect our scouts to draft the guy who turns out to be the best player because that's awfully hard to predict. About half of the kids drafted at #15 don't even make the NHL, so if Miller becomes a quality third liner who scores 15+25=40, that's a great selection, regardless of anything else.

Furthermore, Miller was NOT drafted to turn out to be the best player available. People are acting like every player is ranked based on their potential with everyone having the same odds of reaching that potential. That's false.

Miller was a "safe" pick. Therefore, by definition, he's not going to turn out to be the best player available at #15. There will be someone who was regarded as high-risk, high-return - someone you didn't want because he was small or injured or whatever - and that player will wind up turning into the best player. Sure, not every high-risk player will succeed, but it will be these players, among those who succeed, will be the best ones available at #15.
It's certainly fair to question the GM and scouts when they consistently prove they cannot draft a top line player. Always opting to take the Millers and Mcilrath's who at the time of draft and now don't project to be top minute top line talents, yet teams drafting after us take the BPA and that player has top line potential.

Not like we're talking 4 rounds later Detroit takes a blue chip Euro, I'm talking the next dozen picks after ours.

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