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03-05-2013, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by InformTheMasses View Post
I doubt you'll see any significant call-ups even if Boyes, Reasoner, Streit, Viz dealt away

You'll probably see something along these lines


(Strait inserted into lineup if and when he returns)


TO be honest, I really want as few rookies as possible on the team with Capuano as coach. That goes for next year as well, if he is back with the team. Capuano is not the coach to develop young players, rookies spend more time in the press box and stapled to the bench than they do on the ice.

I would rather any significant prospect, be it Strome, Nelson, nino, Donovan, Sundstrom or otherwise play in the AHL and get significant minutes. This 2 or 3 shifts a period and if you make a mistake, get scratched for 2 weeks nonsense has got to stop. But as long as Cappy is here, thats the way it will be for our rookies. No thank you.

And that goes before we start going into the conversation as to whether certian players are 'ready' to make the jump to the NHL.

Speaking as someone who has seen and attended a lot of Bridgeport games, and seen plenty of our other prospects play....As far as NHL 'ready contributors go, the list is a lot shorter than many posters on this board think.

The future is bright, but it's not as 'near' a future as some like to think.
Cappy will be gone next year. I'm sure of it. I don't think a month or so of playing under Cappy will cripple a kid like Nelson or Sundstrom or whoever gets the call. At the same time that month of playing in a meaningless season could be the difference between a kid dealing with growing pains to start next season or coming out of the gate strong.

Again though, I don't think it's a matter of expecting these kids to turn things around here. But from a developmental standpoint, a month of quality NHL minutes could go a long way in teaching your top prospects a few things:

1) Getting them acclimated to the speed of the NHL.
2) Allowing them to see what area(s) of their game that they need to work on the most, which will then allow them to spend the entire offseason focusing on improving it(them).
3) To a slightly lesser degree, it lets them get acclimated with their future teammates. Maybe not crazy important, but it could be something that helps these kids settle in for 2013-14.

Not to mention, it will give the Islanders an opportunity to evaluate exactly where they are in their development. If a kid like Nelson or Donovan comes up and impresses, it could eliminate a need or two during the offseason, allowing the front office to focus more on other areas.

IMO, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Again, assuming this team is in the basement at that time.

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