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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
Corsi QoC only takes in the raw Corsi rating of the opponents, so if you match up against a unit that has averaged a Corsi of 5 during the season, you will have a Corsi QoC of 5 for the minutes you play against that unit. The Corsi QoC for the season will effectively be the average Corsi of all the players you have been facing weighted by the amount of time you have faced them.

Corsi Rel instead takes into account the relative Corsi of the opponents. Corsi Rel as earlier mentioned is only an intra-team comparison stat that shows which players are best at puck possession within the team. So a 3rd-liner in LA will have better Corsi than a 1st liner in TOR, but the TOR player will likely have a better Corsi Rel.

For example Jarret Stoll has a Corsi of 8.04 and a Corsi Rel of -12.6 while Phil Kessel has a Corsi of -6.34 and a Corsi Rel of 0.9.

I almost exclusively use Corsi Rel QoC since due to divisional schedules, everyone doesn't play the same teams the same number of times which can skew the raw Corsi QoC.
Ahhhhh, okay. So if you want to compare players on the same team you use the regular one but if you want to compare players across the league you would use the Rel one?

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