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Originally Posted by Mystlyfe View Post
I don't really buy that Tampa's [0]-1-3-1 forecheck was the issue. The media loved to play it up, because it was Guy Boucher's "thing" and an excuse to sort of talk about hockey systems and sound smart. But Boucher varied his forecheck, and Tampa's 2-1-2 attack often pinned Washington in the zone and caused dangerous turnovers.

The comment about Boudreau being unable to adapt is very apt. Not only from game-to-game during a series (as Montreal demonstrated), but within a game (as Tampa Bay demonstrated). Boudreau couldn't keep up with the multiple schemes that Boucher was employing.

Two things here.

Oates' 1-3-1 doesn't really have anyone in the low slot. Brouwer/Ward is pretty high in the slot, and Nicky/Ribeiro/Perreault/Wolski is working in the corner and behind the net. When a shot gets through, players will attack the crease, but nobody is permanently positioned on top of the crease to screen the goaltender and shove home rebounds.

Boudreau used the 1-3-1 for a while at the beginning of last season. In his version, Brouwer/Laich/Knuble was waiting on the doorstep, while Ovechkin was situation in the high slot.

If BB used the 1-3-1 as you described he didn't do it for long and he didn't do it right. It certainly wasn't memorable. He was definitely NOT doing it when the PP crashed and burned prior to the 8 game losing streak, when scoring first dried up after the MTL debacle, which was the year before last, not last year. 2 years ago, before the losing streak, you can review the film and see what I'm talking about.

And as I said, the criteria is 2 guys in the slot or around the net, not just in the slot. The idea is that there's more for the goalie and the 2 low PKers to keep track of and you have more options, provided your 3 high guys are good enough to control the puck, especially whoever's on the point.

And it doesn't matter if the TB trap was overhyped. BB couldnt' break it. If it wasn't as tough as advertised, just that proves my point (and your agreeing with my point about BB's failure to adapt).

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