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03-05-2013, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
Tatar would bring more skill, but I'm not sold that translates into more effectiveness. Same with Nyquist. A big part of it is that they're rookies, and rookies just don't typically produce much. Datsyuk, Franzen, Flip, and Hudler all put up around 10-14 goals in their rookie seasons (Z, as always it seems, was the big outlier at 22 - and he was a Calder finalist). I think expectations for the kid are just out of line with what he'd actually bring to Datsyuk's line. Put the lack of depth with the lack of experience with the insanely hard match-ups, and it's a recipe for mediocrity.

And this isn't to say I like the Abs-Dats-Cleary thing. It's ugly to watch, but it effectively nullifies the other team's top line and Datsyuk makes it dangerous. Meanwhile, Tatar makes our third line dangerous. I think the bit about Z's line disappearing, as well as our horrible PP, is what's really killing. It's obviously our most skilled line, but they're not consistently producing.

If Tatar gets bumped up to Dats' line, I won't complain, and I'll hope for the best. At the same time, I expect what we see from it now - some flashes of dangerousness (and maybe a goal, if we're a bit lucky), but a lot of Datsyuk carrying things and that line not screwing up. But I think our "third" line would be noticeably worse.

I just wish this team would get healthy and we can start seeing some better hockey.
we need to look at scoring chances for/against, shots for/against, etc for datsyuk's lines for each game over last several games.

abdelkader - datsyuk - cleary is ugly as hell, but may not actually be much worse in results. a sample size of a few games isn't enough when looking at GF/GA.

Originally Posted by Flowah View Post
If Datsyuk has the puck, the other team has no offense. As one of the best puck possession guys in the world, that's how he does most of his defense.

There are a lot of ways to defend.Blocking shots, back checking, intercepting passes, takeaways, taking away passing lanes. But some of those ways, while very effective, are no good for transition into offense. You take away a lane, you take away options, but that doesn't give you the puck. Same with blocking shots.

Datsyuk gets the puck back. And when he gets it, he rarely loses it. That's his defense. Even just this year he has 3-4 goals/assists from pure takeaways. Remember his shorty pass to Cleary? Pure takeaway. Or Nashville? Takeaway and wraparound to score. He's a pick possessing wizard.
that is the basic idea of puck possession that DRW have relied on for almost 20 years.

there are opposite cases of players who are less effective defensively than they seem b/c they are not very good possession players so they spend too much time in the defensive zone.

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