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03-05-2013, 06:11 PM
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Talbot starting again. 15 in the last 16 games.

Thomas with a good defensive play, but then overmatched as he tried to move up.

McIlrath with a good defensive play.

Kreider looking good by following what I was talking about before: using his speed and size in a north-south, dump-and-chase game.

Yogan again displaying good speed.

The Whale is terribly disoriented on defense, already allowing 2 on 1.

Jean would score a good bit if he shot harder and quicker.

Goal post against Talbot.

Mash - Ferriero - Thomas are a good looking line because all three are good along the boards and have decent speed.

McIlrath keeps making small, but smart plays.

Segal with a great pass to Noob, who should've shot from a few feet out, but decided to get cute and pass it to Kreider, who was tied up and didn't get the puck.

Penalty on Collins. Score. Kreider gave away the puck tried to stickhandle, which he should never do.

McIlrath makes a very effective use of his reach. Even when it looks like he might lose, he still makes the defensive play because his reach is longer.

Whale PP, but it's negated midway through by a Pyett penalty. Now Palm knocked down the goalie, resulting in another penalty, which will start 4 on 3 and end with 5 on 3 for 41 seconds. A couple of big save by Talbot.

Bad angle shot on Talbot on 5 on 4 and it went it. Talbot needs to stop with his occasional bad goals. Maybe he's just really tired after playing so much this year.

Another penalty on the Whale. Tripping on Mash. This might become a blowout if Port scores now. Penalty killed off.

Carroll got into a fight with a guy who's much bigger than him. Valabik is a beast at 6-foot-7 250 pounds, yet Carroll did a great job against him. It wasn't a knockout, but it was a win on points. What's more is that Valabik got a penalty on top of the fight.

Kreider gave away the puck, but used his speed to catch up, then used his size to nail the guy into the boards. Then he used his speed to go up the ice and make a good shot.

As I typed the above, Kreider scored yet another goal from a couple of feet in front of the net. See, I told you he'll be really effective if he uses his size to park in front of the net, where his hands are just beautiful. Pyett gave him a pass that looked like a shot. Noob with the other assist.

Good defensive play by Collins to break up a 2 on 1.

Yogan is really fast and really good at using his speed.

Big save by Talbot.

Double minor on Klassen after he messed up the puck along the boards and then was called for high sticking.

Parlett looks good.

Talbot gives away another weak goal, this one with less than a second to go. He's not playing well tonight. Should be pulled for Miss.


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