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Originally Posted by Brick Top View Post
Wait, what? I think it's commonly accepted to be "bada-bing-bada-boom." As Barney Gumble once said, "Go back to Russia!"

That said, I agree with your points on the potential return we could get for our excess (if they EVER all get healthy at the same time) D-men. Even if the Wings are contenders, Holland has to look to move at least one of the veteran guys at the deadline. White and CC get the biggest returns as they are the only legit top 4 guys we'd look to move. But someone would bite on Huskins, too. And Quincey (for that salary, please God, make Kenny move Q at the deadline).
Haven't you ever seen The Usual Suspects? Geez...

I don't think any of those guys would be top 4 on a playoff team, but yeah, they'd still have trade value.

Oduya brought a 2nd and a 3rd last year.
Ditto for Grossman.
White brought a 2nd at the deadline 2 years ago.

There is opportunity here to stockpile picks by dealing players that aren't particularly useful anyway.

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