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03-05-2013, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by TheSaw View Post
Why compare Koivu and Granlund? They're very different players.
Why not?? they sure are different players...not arguing that or even comparing them as players. Im looking into the career paths of both players and development. Koivu is actually the single most perfect player statistically to look into as we try to learn more about Granlund and his production and development as he moves up leagues.

Lets look at their EXACT same career paths. Literally Identical.

4 years in SM Liga:

21GP 0-1-1pt
48GP 4-3-7pts
37GP 7-13-20pts
45GP 6-24-30pts

1 year in the AHL(lockout year)
67GP 20-28-48 pts

1st Year in the NHL:
64GP 6-15-21pts


4 years in SM Liga:
2GP 0-0-0pt
43GP 13-27-40pts
39GP 8-28-36pts
45GP 20-31-51pts

1 year in the AHL(Lockout year)
21GP 8-13-21pts

1st year in the NHL:
18GP 1-5-6pts

Even better than that go ahead and look at the ages of the two players..their career paths not only follow each other...they follow the same age and progression. Its actually very interesting and a good way to look at Granlunds development statistically since its hard to project guys and what they will do coming in from Europe sometimes. Especially the limited amount of Fins recently to get to the NHL along this career path.

Now for some analysis. Statistically Mikkael has outproduced Mikko in the SM Liga offensively and also in the AHL. PPG in the NHL in Mikael's first season is actually a shade better than Mikko's. Clearly Mikko physically was more ready but I expect to see the same type of development curve for Mikkael with more offensive production based on his past levels throughout every league.

Mikko's next 3 seasons in the NHL:

82GP 20-34-54pts
57GP 11-31-42pts
79GP 20-47-67pts

No reason we shouldn't see this or something similar from Granlund in the future. As far as upside goes who knows we could see something more or something slightly less..but I wouldn't be surprised to see very similar numbers from him over the next few years.

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