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03-05-2013, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by DoyleG View Post
If he was that popular, he wouldn't have to change the rules.

da Silva and Rousseff didn't change the rules to win. Neither did the Concertación in their control of post-Pinochet Chile. Same with Funes in El Salvador.

The only one's that have to change the rules are the one's who are Chavez allies (Ortega, Correa, Kirchner, Morales). The only benefit is Chavez doesn't have to live to be toppled. Typical of the left.
Daniel Ortega, the same Daniel Ortega that Ronnie Raygun tried to illegally overthrow in the 80s, in office in Nicaragua right now...& Ollie North bloviates on right wing media for falling on his sword for dear Ronnie.Wonder why he might not love the US?

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