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03-05-2013, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by achtungbaby View Post
What has Burke done that was so innovative? And what does that have to do with listening to the idea of others anyways? Just because you have your own ideas about how to do things, does that mean you don't have to listen to anybody else? Does that make one so arrogant that they assume they know everything and don't have to learn anything anymore? You don't have to earn a right to your own opinion, everyone has this right, it doesn't make your opinion right or wrong.

The poster you responded to never used the word "proof" or the word ashamed in his post, please read more carefully before posting in the future.
Please get off your high horse. The poster was you, obviously. You said she was embarrassed. Obviously not the same exact meaning, but I think it's close enough for this. You used it as "proof" when you referenced her, as in even his own family finds him to be a dinosaur. Of course everyone else is allowed opinions, just as anyone is allowed ones that differ from you. Burke is allowed to disagree that advanced stats are the way to go with hockey, and he's allowed to express his opinion as well about it. He knows he's a good quote, and he gave the people what they wanted. Dinosaur my ass.

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