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03-05-2013, 07:39 PM
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Please lets take our rose colored glasses off.Do we really need more seats for the WFCU?? Even for hosting??? The so called restaurant lol will be for media if we host but i think the 6,666 capacity will suffice.

Our economy is not getting better if you all havent noticed and could get worse in the next few.Along with a big ???? for the next 5 drafts.Spits have been giving out alot of freebie's the last few games to get over the 5000 mark.

Good call by the org. not increasing season tickets.The long list on the seas.tick brochure is mostly crap.Half size the platinum prking would be a nice start.Most of its empty by game time anyway.

As for the new Cogeco crew.IMO Cogeco took our telecast backwards.These guys sound generic and I wasnt a real fan of Dom but those 3 gave us a real identity amongst all the OHL tonight crews.they were our guys and sounded like they were Windsor guys especially Kelso.He made you excited to watch where as these guys are quite boring.Aversa is just bad pure and simple.Its good they belong to the same lodge as the manag. of Cogeco.

Next season bring back Kelso at least Cogeco.

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