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07-23-2006, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Montrealer View Post
Doesn't matter.

Individual cases will look stupid, but the overall team-by-team cap will still control salaries. If too many players get large judgements, they'll end up UFAs that will have to take half as much as they were awarded, so the system will end up regulating itself.

The only way it would have caused a real problem is if teams could accept arbritration rulings outside the cap (like those idiotic exemptions in NFL and NBA); that's what ruins caps.

Sucks for the Sabres to lose Briere (if they do deal him/let him go), but in the end it won't change the overall financial picture, and that's what is important longterm.
It isnt all or nothing. It will ratchet up salaries until teams walk away. It isnt based on market but ofetn some idiotic signing with the others ratcheting up. With teams loathe to let go of players something has to give so it may be middle of the road players especially free agents such as Carter, Peca and Bulis surprised by free agency. Teams will try to fit under the cap with slugs and rookies and players winning arbitrations will drive teams to the cap. What will relieve the pressure?

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