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03-05-2013, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by SonOfGom View Post
And if you knew about the Venezuelan constitution you'd realize that it is illegal to try to do a constitutional referendum twice during the same term of office for the NA, he just went around it by calling it an amendment. But again, it is unconstitutional to make an amendment on the constitution that would change the fundamental structure of the article the amendment is trying to modify, and what can be more of a change to the fundamental structure of the article that deals with limit terms, than a change in limit terms?

I guess people like you care more about populistic measures than the provision of safeguards of institutional measures that would protect the population from those populistic measures. Or maybe it is just ok for us latinos, as I don't think you would accept something like the referendum switcheroo I just described from Obama, or much less from Bush.
I'm not saying it was okay. It was obviously an end run around the constitution. But it's not like Chavez just said "well **** it I'm gonna be president forever." He was democratically elected four times, survived a recall referendum and even the changes to the constitution were democratically approved. Hewas hardly the tyrant that people are making him out to be.

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