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Originally Posted by Ilkka Sinisalo View Post
I love how everyone who says any positive word about Chavez is a far-left socialist to rubes like you. All I've been doing in this thread is disputing ridiculous misconceptions - he's a dictator, people are starving left and right, the Venezuelan economy was awesome in the '80s and '90s and then went into the toilet when he "took power." Etc. All I've said is that some aspects of his presidency were positive (diminishing poverty, better public health, lower inequality, greater political stability).

Is Venezuela as good a place to live as Canada or the United States? For most people, no. Is it a better place to live than in 1998? For most people, yes.
Dictator: Google Judge Afiuni, that's at the very least autocratic. Judge didn't do what you wanted? Announce that she should be jailed in your variety program.

People are starving: who said that? I only said that there are food shortages due to the meddling of a inefficient government in the food production business. Price ceilings and CADIVI. Google PUDREVAL and how arbitrage is affecting the importation of food.

Better public health: the public hospitals are in woeful condition, and mision barrio adentro is staffed with exploited cuban exchange workers who often get the **** out to the US by way of colombia.

Greater political stability: lol are you serious? Honest question, what do you expect in the man's death's wake?

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