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03-05-2013, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by stratedge View Post
I was one of the guys saying MacT wasn't motivating the players. I was one of the guys saying Quinn couldn't get any effort out of the players. I was one of the guys saying Renney didn't motivate the players.

I'm done with that. Obviously 4 coaches in a row tell you there's something else wrong. Management doesn't have any understanding of the concept of "grit" and "compete", and how valuable it is to a professional hockey player. They keep ignoring it for other qualities, and look how that keeps turning out. The only guy with grit and compete is Hall, but what's he supposed to do all by himself?

These guys need to learn to detect a Paajarvi in the making long before he's a 4th liner tweener who won't finish his hits or go near the net. They need to recognize the softness early and dump the soft semi-skilled players onto other unsuspecting teams while the player still has value. Tambo/Lowe are incapable of this. They've proven it. I don't need to elaborate, it's a very well established fact.

Management has to go. You can't argue with the results anymore. There's no hope until there's change.
This is how I feel. Krueger can't be to blame. He is the most inspirational and motivational coach we've had yet and they still play like ****.

But I think it's the players that have to go along with management

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