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03-05-2013, 09:01 PM
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Su*cks that we lost, but seriously, Cody, um, are you absolutely kidding me? numbers 9 and 19 went from being my least two favorite players 3 years ago, to being my two favorite now. now all we need to do is get a new person to wear 21.

Good - obvious

bad- once again, number 57 shows he is WEAK, and PATHETIC as a defender....I know it's a short season, but we are halfway through it and he needs to be sat. That game winning goal where myers did nothing expect screen miller again like he always does. Doesn't hit the shooter, doesn't poke check the shooter, and doesn't try at all to block the shot. Im sorry but this NOT a good NHL defender, he had one good year until every player in the league realized that all you have to do to stop him is use any kind of physical pressure and he turns USELESS, actually, to be fair Myers doesn't dissapear, when he is bad he becomes an ASSET to the opposing team.

ugly - Myers face

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