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07-23-2006, 10:48 PM
svetovy poharu
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Hello Jukka,

I am not having much success in finding scoring details on the 7 February 1931 Canada-Austria game. For some reason all the newspapers carry the same wire story which lacks scoring information from the games played on that date. As a result of this, I have only located game scorers from 5 of the 6 Canada games at the 1931 WC in Krynica, Poland.

1 Feb 1931 Canada 9:0 France
Canada goals: Blake Watson (3), Sammy McCallum (2), Frank Morris (2), Gord MacKenzie (2).

4 Feb 1931 Canada 2:0 Czechoslovakia
Canada goals: Ward McVey, Blake Watson

5 Feb 1931 Canada 3:0 Poland
Canada goals: Guy Williamson, George Hill, Jack Pidcock

6 Feb 1931 Canada 0:0 Sweden
No goals scored

7 Feb 1931 Canada 8:0 Austria
Canada goals: ??????

8 Feb 1931 Canada 2:0 USA
Canada goals: Blake Watson, Frank Morris

However, I do have all of the Great Britain goal scorers from their 4 games at the 1931 WC:

1 Feb 1931 Austria 1:0 (OT) Great Britain

3 Feb 1931 Hungary 3:1 Great Britain
Great Britain goal: (captain) John Magwood

5 Feb 1931 Great Britain 2:1 France
Great Britain goals: Brian Carr-Harris, John Magwood

6 Feb 1931 Great Britain 11:0 Romania
Great Britain: John Magwood (3), Brian Carr-Harris (3), Neville Melland (3), Carl Erhardt (2).

The 1933 WC at Prague is not covered very well in any of the newspaper archives that I have access to. Very limited information, which surprises me since the Canadian team was represented by the Toronto National Sea Fleas under the direction of Harold Ballard. And the 1934 WC at Milano also is missing many key scoring details as well. I am sorry to report this, Jukka.

Good news is that the 1937 WC in London is covered in great detail by the Times of London. I have almost every goal scorer from the 1937 tournament if you should need any data from this one.

I apologize for not being able to help you more on those missing games of 1931, 1933 and 1934. Best regards to you Jukka.

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