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03-05-2013, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by ixcuincle View Post
There seems to be a lot of praise for Chavez and what he did. I was watching CNN and they had some girl on who said Chavez helped form a Venezuelan identity. He also "helped the economy" (which is debunked by his critics who directly point out that he didn't help **** and poverty actually got worse)

I am biased, but that's maybe because I'm a sheep of the American media. The American media and government made Chavez out to be a terrible individual. He frequently harbored ill will against the United States, but never really took any action. And I'll believe what the papers and TV people tell me: he was a bad man, he stymied political freedom, and Venezuela is better off without him. That's what I say.
WTF, lol.

Goddammit, Chavez the new Bolivar. If Bolivar was the subject of Venezuela's secular religion I wonder what Chavez will be.

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