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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
Forever, Montreal had goons. Difference being: the team in general never acted so arrogantly by using goonery. In the 70's, John Wensink promised to KILL (yes, yes, children, KILL) Guy Lafleur. In the 80's same stuff from the illustrious Miller. From all the years I remember as a hockey fan (and that is since the early 70's), the Bruins have always epitomized goonery AND rough play. Like today, the early 70's team also had a glut of talent (Orr, Park, Espo, Bucyk, Ratelle, etc.). But they had their fair share of cro-magnons. And their coaches were inclined to play the card often against what was considered softer teams, like Buffalo. Montreal had the tools to respond because they had talented players who could fight: Savard, Robinson to name a couple.

The only episode during which Montreal responded 'eye for an eye' to Boston was when Perron was coaching and, after a drubbing, he asked Savard to get him a 'supposed' goon. Savard reacted by signing a bodybuilder name Baron. He looked foolish, the experiment lasted a couple of weeks. Hehehe. Harry Sinden then went on a rant, calling the Habs organisation a 'disgrace', a 'far cry from the classy Montreal Canadiens organisations of past'. That was pretty ironic to say the least. Anyways, it didn't last long: Perron got fired and Burns came in. At that time, Boston had Montreal's number (I'd say Patrick Roy's number). It took the return of a somewhat high flying team to put everything back to normal in the end of the 90's and in the 2000's.

Face it, Montreal fans, Boston will never change. And it's ok that way. You need vilains in sports. Boston will always ask for a blue collar, hard-working, in-your-face type of team. While in Montreal, high flying, fast skating and great puck possession teams are what is in our veins. And that's what we have been longing for...for decades now. This team is the closest to what I saw in the past.
Actually Roy always had trouble against the Bruins.

Secondly, in their best days the Habs had a great mix of skills and grit. They would never have gone through Boston without Robinson, Savard, Bouchard, Risebrough, Tremblay and all these guys.

Then there was the team in the 80s where the fighters were Nilan and Kordic but more importantly they had size all throughout the roster and they were hard to play against. They had maybe only one small forward and it was Mats Naslund.

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