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12-21-2003, 08:47 AM
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Right said fw. I don't understand why you still insist on labeling Corvo that way and while what he did where destable, I would think that you would wait until you actually spoke to him yourself in this situation prior to hanging onto so much anger about him. I have to wonder if there weren't other things that we don't know about that makes this situation different than it is. Not saying he is straight away innocent and if he even put a single mitten on a bird should be treated twice as harshly, just saying that I would want to know all of the story before I let it hit me as hard as it has hit you. My problem is that we are going by what the media has to say about the situation and the media is baised and nothing but sensationalistic rubbish that will and does say anything it can think of to sell one more bleeding pape. There might be something, (and I pray to god that there is) anything, that would explain that behaivior and what happened to where it might be different that what it appears to be. Like I said though, if he is straight away guilty of what he is supposed to have done then he should have to go through all of the steps to rehab from it prior to playing in the NHL again.

All that to the side, you certainly can say it is the play and get my full support. You also have to look at our not using all of our top scorers on the PP and the fact that this coaching staff (special teams) has been given enough time now to where if thier system were going to work that it would have. So, I agree, its time for a change.

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