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03-05-2013, 10:09 PM
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I for one thought the Avs actually played a decent game. This first time in a long time that I didn't feel like the Avs got pinned in their own end by the Wings.

Still can't score, I been saying all along that this is a bigger issue than our defense. If anyone has noticed the past 2 games we have given up a grand total of 4 goals against meaning 2 per game (plenty good enough to win both games) and yet we could only muster up 2 goals for. And what do we have to show for it 1 lousy loser point. The number 1 problem for this team is scoring the puck, not defense no matter how porous the names are on the back end.

Nice game by Giggy again. He is really a true professional. I honestly think he should ask for a trade so he can get an opportunity to play more as maybe a tandem goalie instead of a true backup and getting minimal chances.

Elliott looks terrible his weak ass shot that a 5 year old could have blocked cost us the first goal and also had numerous bad turnovers.

Liked not having Zanon in there he is awful.

I actually thought for the most part the forwards played fine, just couldn't finish which brings me back to my original point in the post of not being able to score we need some goal real goal scorers not the McGinns and PAPs of the worlds we need a Semin or a Perry although I know this is just a pipe dream.

ROR still looks like the game is a step too fast for him, but did have a couple of decent plays.

Duchene was fine, but he needs to put up points, no excuses.

Staz had one of his better games, got a goal and set up at least 3 really good chances that if we had anybody that could finish he would have maybe had an assist or two.

I know everyone is bagging Sacco, but his coaching didn't cost us the game tonight. Our lack of finishing ability cost us. Mitchell can't finish a wide open chance. PAP can't put one in on a breakaway. Landy can't can't finish off an excellent feed from Staz. Duchene can't find the net off a great bounce off the boards with 10 seconds left. These misses are not Sacco's fault. If we finish half these chances we either win by one or at minimum go to overtime against a team that plays well at home. The effort was fine, Sacco made good decisions on who got scratched. You can argue the alignment at the end with ROR and Duchene on the point but Sacco was trying to get his 6 best players on the ice, so he put Staz, ROR, Duchene, Landy, Mitchell and Barrie. I probably would have switched Barrie and Duchene to have ROR and Barrie at the points but really it wasn't that bad of an alignment. Don't get me wrong I still hate Sacco but tonight wasn't his fault.

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