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Originally Posted by Nicky Santoro View Post
how can you say that?? last weeks PHI/PIT game on a wed night lost to ESPN's OKLA/HOU by only 200,000.. and NBCSN has only 80% of the households ESPN has. and that NBA game was a great game that ended 122-119.

Also, you say NHL can never beat NBA?? i bet if CHI at NYR played, or even CHI/BOS tomorrow on NBCSN and went up against IND/MIL on ESPN, the NHL game would win. so don't say NHL will never outdraw NBA. simply NOT TRUE.

oh and btw, i agree with the poster that said PIT/MTL was disappointing. pit averages over double digits this season and on a sat night in montreal barely get double digits. i expected 15.6 at least for this one.


Ok vs Hou in the NBA is next to irrelevant nationally for an NBA game. So it's like Florida VS Phoenix which would do 200k at best on Nbcsn.

Pitt vs Philly is like Miami vs Bos.

The NBA and NHL at this point in America only compare well top 10 markets vs top 10.

If we throw out the top 6 or 6 of 8 NBA teams assuming they are matched up with the top Canadian NHL markets then the top 20 local NHL vs NBA teams are decently even.

Phoenix, Florida, Columbus, Nashville, Dallas, Anaheim, New Jersey, Carolina, and Tampa struggle winning or losing to get local ratings but its growing.

San Jose, Washington, LA are not much better off but growing too.

Then Colorado, Minnesota, St. Louis, Philly, Chicago, Boston pending success but less so than others are seeing massive growth at different times.

Detroit, NYR, Pitt are very successful.

Overall the NHL is on the largest Pro Sports grown curve naturally.
Soccer is but only because of immigrants not as much as natural growth from longer term generational Americans.

The NBA has one big advantage, roughly 1/3rd of their national audience is black. Another 1/5th is Latin.

Obviously the NHL fanbase is 99% white folk.

This isn't a racist comment but it may never change.

I remember last year a radio host talking about a blues sharks rating in the playoffs getting like a 11.6 or so. But like a 0.4 in black homes vs the rest white or other.

STL has 550k black people in the metro out of 2.5 mil or so.

I've known at least 50 black males in my life in various capacitys none watched hockey.

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