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03-05-2013, 11:02 PM
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They incorporated Eddie in to angles. Remember "Eddie ain't in heaven, Eddie's down there, in hell"?

They might have Punk bring him into the angle and maybe say something like Bearer WAS The Undertaker and he MADE Undertaker...and now he's gone just like the streak will be. I can see that. It won't be SO over the line though, but I'd still feel uncomfortable with the whole thing.

I hope he is inducted and I hope Kane/Taker break kayfabe to induct him together. I can see Taker paying tribute this Monday. They play the tribute video and then have Taker come out and kneel in front of a still image of Bearer on the tron and then lower his head and then at WM, have Taker defeat Punk and then pose with the urn and hold it to his heart as he leaves up the ramp.

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