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Originally Posted by trobby View Post
Don't like it. You'd need to have both team have all 3 shooters shoot, even if the game is decided after 2 shooters. IE: Ottawa is up 2-0 on the Leafs. Leafs have 1 more shooter. At this point the player doesn't give a crap. If he scores, do you award the goal to the 1st shooter, or the 2nd shooter for the Sens. The player who scores the winning goal gets the point.

I'd like 3 RV, 2 OTV OR SOV, 1 OTL OR SOL. Yes it screws up a bunch of historical stats, but too ME it makes the most sense.
This is why I don't want 3 points to be awarded. Teams shouldn't be rewarded for losing.


You need to award Division winners with something (I'd say move them down to 4th seed, no lower). In your proposal, you might at well just do away with divisions. When a 3rd place team has less points than the 8th place team and is awarded 3rd overall, that isn't right. It can never happen that 2 division leaders finish with not enough points to make the playoffs so I guess it would only pertain to one. If the 5 worst teams in the league are all in the same division the best of the lot shouldn't get home ice in the playoffs but should be given a spot for winning the division. Most likely 8th. That's the gift.

You better get a couple of more defibrillators in the building...that would be insane.
It's about more entertainment.

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