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12-21-2003, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Thomas
Dykhuis is a good defenseman when he has confidence. Last season the constant shuffling of defenseman made him lose what little confidence he had left in him. He seems to have regained some of that confidence down in Hamilton and has been playing very well. He was great with Brisebois 2 seasons (maybe it was 3) ago, and I think we should give him another look see. If werent not going to play Hainsey because of his "attitude problem" or risk calling up Beauchemin, Dykhuis could be a good replacement for Bouillon for a bit.

Sit Bouillon for a few games after his blunders last night, just like what would have happened if Hainsey, Beauchemin or Komisarek were in his shoes. Give Dykhuis one last shot, if he succeeds it will be easier to get rid of his lagging contract and open up some room in Hamilton for our other defenseman. This would also hopefully make CJ use Markov more than 15 minutes a game. Markov has been picking up quite a few assists lately but hes still getting the shaft because of CJ's love for Bouillon. You cant expect Markov to get any better if your playing him as the 5th or 6th defenseman, its killing his confidence. In retrospect, benching Bouillon may hurt his confidence, but I really dont care at this point. Hes merely a journeyman getting a free ride.
Every year it seems there's a player with which the coach is just in love and has clearly no place on that team (at least with the minutes he's getting).

Under MT it was Traverse who often would end up being the one with the most minutes. It had become a running gag that he must have had compromising photos of MT to get all that ice time.

Then this year, it's the cube. Albeit he's head and shoulder above Traverse, he's still head and shoulder bellow Markov and Souray. I don't get why he sees all this ice time. He's -6. His pairing partner, Rivet, -9. They are the worst at allowing the costly error that will lead to a goal. Yet, they still manage to play in every game situation (PK, PP, 5 on 5, critical minutes, etc.).

I like Bouillon as a reserve Dman but if you plan on using him over Hainsey this year, at least don't give him all this ice time and share it between Markov and Souray + Brisebois and Quintal/Komisarek. I'm getting tired to see him being man-handled regularly. He's a spark plug with lots of heart prefectly fitted for the 7th Dman job, but IMO playing him 20 minutes every game hurts the team more than anything. I still think Hainsey was looking better than him.

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