Thread: Proposal: Hanzal+Yandle to Edmonton
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03-06-2013, 12:47 AM
It's finally over
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Originally Posted by CSimpson18 View Post
Really? You get RNH plus a coupke decent assets and don't give up OEL and you think it's not close? You don't have a good grasp on value, or maybe just enjoy talking down to oiler fans.
RNH is not worth two core pieces to the Coyotes. Not even close. MPS and a 2nd is fluff. Edmonton wins that trade hands down. Which is exactly why the Coyotes don't do it. "but but you get RNH!" Who cares if you just gutted your team? Hanzal and Yandle are functional core pieces of a team that has made it to the conference finals. Trading one of them is a big change to the structure. Trading both of them is a gigantic shock to the system. For what? One center, however good? Not worth it. That's if we were pretending the value is close, which it's not.

I'm not sure why you are bringing OEL up. He is worth, in a 1 for 1 trade, more than any asset in the Oilers organization.

Something based around Yandle for RNH is worth talking about. But it doesn't really make sense for the Oilers to move RNH at all, so why bother? Just sit on him and watch his value go up. It's fair to try and sell Gagner, Hemsky and other pieces like MPS that aren't essential. But asking for core pieces from other teams is laughable. If you want to fundamentally fix the lack of structure the Oilers have then you must re-arrange some of those core pieces. Would you guys trade Hall or Eberle, straight up, for an OEL equivalent D right about now? I'd certainly hope so. I'm not saying Yandle for RNH cures all (and it won't happen) but that type of trade is exactly what needs to be explored. Someone from that core needs to go for an equivalent D.

Originally Posted by Pekka Rinne View Post
Not even close?!

RNH+MPS+2nd for Yandle + Hanzal!?!

Yotes take that and run bud.
No, they don't, and the difference in thought process is why your team is plumbing the bottom of the standings every year while the Coyotes make the playoffs with no owner.

Originally Posted by Dick Whitman View Post
There's that guy in Ottawa who's pretty good.
I don't agree with SR's assessment but there is a credible case (thread on the main board about this very topic) for OEL to be at least nominated this year for a Norris. He's 21. A tremendously valuable asset.

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