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03-06-2013, 12:58 AM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
No I'm concerned.

I could compile a list of injuries. Major injuries. Life altering injuries. That happened on the ice when the little pieces of gear would have prevented or reduced the injuries.

Its a very real issue. One that continually arises from happenings on the ice.

The push back is coming from traditionalists. That's an issue.

Hockey, above any sport, have advanced technologically, rapidly. This issue shouldn't have the opposition it does.

All equipment is precautionary. Jocks are precautionary.

There's nothing wrong with discussing it, without deliberately turning the discussion into a **** show.
You seem to think I could care less about player safety. I'm all for it. But I believe a player's choice should be respected, especially on a matter that hasn't had that many incidents as some of you guys are claiming.

I'm more concerned with the amount of boarding cheapshots than a simple visor. You can control that aspect of the game. Adding a visor will help eye/facial injuries, but it still won't prevent them. Not unless you have a full-cage on.

Look at how many times a stick catches a players face, just from a simple swipe. Or a wind-up. Visor or no visor, that player is getting whacked.

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