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Originally Posted by Guess What View Post
I do; as it potentially increases safety in at least the eye region to a degree as BBG posted. I'd consider less injuries progress!
Progress towards what? Progress towards less injuries. It's a decrease in player choice.

It's not "progressive" towards any end except the one you are advocating for. Therefore it makes no sense to call it "progressive" as if achieving progressiveness itself is some kind of state we should all be striving for. Just say there would be less injuries and be done with it.

That being said, again, I'll ask for what those numbers are; as well as what types of injuries it prevents. This study says it reduces injuries, but which ones? Cuts on a cheek? Or disconnected retinas? If they have proof that a visor prevented 1000 cuts on cheeks last year, well, I really don't care.

I never said it wouldn't reduce eye injuries, of course it would.

I just don't think there are enough serious ones out there that it merits an official response. For example, reducing from one Bryan Berard incident every twenty years to zero Bryan Berard incidents every twenty years is reducing; but I'm not going to make every player in the league where a visor because of one freak accident.

Obviously it happens more than just once, but that is the heart of what I'm getting at. It hasn't risen to the level of legitimate safety concern that I believe the league needs to mandate.

I think this one still belongs in the realm of player choice.

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