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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
If safety is your biggest concern, visors should just be skipped all together and the NHL should enforce full-cages. That's the only way you're going to completely protect the players faces.

Why isn't anyone that's pro-visors suggesting this?
As someone who wants visors mandated, it's because there's a balance that needs to be reached. Like I said in my massive post, where that line is drawn is the debate at hand. Eye injuries are career threatening and potentially life altering. Taking a stick to the jaw will give you a scratch and not much else. Taking a stick to the eye can blind you. I think visors would be a big help, but I think full cages at the NHL level is overkill.

You have to find a balance...weigh the risks and potential consequences, but don't mandate more than you need to. And it's an ever-evolving process. 80 years ago, not many people would have said that helmets were necessary. The game changes, risks change, and regulations should change accordingly.

On the topic of what mschmidt64 said in his post, if we had some way of determining that facial injuries and potential eye injuries were as likely back in the day as they are now, then I'd probably relent a bit and accept that visors can be a player's choice. But from the way I've seen the game evolve in a very short period of time (<20 years), players are faster, stronger, and frankly more reckless. Unless I see some proof saying otherwise, I'm relatively convinced that eye injuries are more likely now than they've ever been.

EDIT: to play devil's advocate, do you think that helmets should be mandatory? Or any protective equipment, for that matter?

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