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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
It's kind of difficult to collectively mandate something that is can distract a professionals performance. Even if it's marginal.

The game has changed over the years, but not enough to warrant something that can cause significant discomfort. You force a league to wear something they're not accustomed to, and it'll cause problems.
I agree that mandating an entire league to wear something that they are not accustomed to will cause problems. However, I don't think you can claim that the game has not changed "enough to warrant something that can cause significant discomfort." First, the issue is not whether or not the game has changed, it is whether or not the league wants to implement measures to keep its players safe. Regardless of how much the league has changed over the years.

In addition, the "problems" that will be caused are temporary. The moment the league shifts from grandfathered visors to no players without visors, those temporary, and I would argue, minor problems, disappear. Do you think players today pine away for the days when they could play without helmets? I don't. And should the league make visors mandatory, I would wager that in 15-20 years no one will shed a tear over wearing a visor.

I'm not sure it's difficult to mandate something that can distract a professional's performance. Look at all the equipment required by leagues such as the NFL. Even helmets in the NHL, which can "distract a professional's performance." It's actually pretty easy, IMO.

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